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Re: ECPA (Was: University logging mail to anon.penet.fi)

On Thu, 7 Sep 1995, Jim Ray wrote:

> >Even if we were in a more libertarian society you run the risk of
> >being boycotted by potential customers (of corse the analagy breaks
> >down somewhat, in a very libertarian society oyu might be able to
> >run a profatable ISP selling to the very nich market of people who
> >want to threten, harass, or generally make a nuicence of themselves).

> To "to threten, harass, or generally make a nuicence"[SIC] of himself,
> one must violate this pledge, and there would no-doubt still be legal
> results.

Clearly threats of violence are not considered legal by most 
libertarians, including the Libertarian Party of the US. 

Furthermore, there is no reason why an ISP has to connect to another 
ISP.  ISPs that do more harm than good may not be invitied to participate 
in major switiching centers.