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Re: [Noise] Paranoia in the Comics

At 11:27 PM 10/25/95 -0700, you wrote:
>This has no real crypto relevance, but some anarchistic relevance.
>Sometimes you find anti-government paranoia in the strangest of places...
>In the Ziggy strip for 10/25/95, Ziggy is in a Psychiatrist's office.  The
>shrink is stating "You're afraid of the government, are you?  I'm required
>to report that sort of thing you know."

Ziggy has long been a libertarian/right winger.  Note a Sunday strip of a
few years ago.  Ziggy bends over and looks closely at some red ants who are
carrying picket signs reading "Down with Communism", "Freedom Now", etc.
Ziggy observes "It had to happen sometime."

Since we are being semi-irrelevant here, yesterday's Broom Hilda strip was
good for the net "Universal Access" wars.  Broom Hilda sits down at a
computer to take a ride on the Information Superhighway.  The computer says
"Sorry, the information superhighway is a toll road."  "What's the toll"?
"Brains."  So Broom Hilda gives up and sets off on a tour of the back roads
of America.

Note the proof that competition provides better service than
government-monopoly Universal Service.  After years of being one of the few
Local Telcos that charged residential customers metered rates for local
calls, NYNEX (New York Telephone) has announced some flat rate pricing
plans.  Nothing like a little local loop competition.   


"School Bus Safety - Are your children safe? - Story at 11:00" -- They're
safer on the bus than they are when they arrive at their local institution
for the mentally/morally defective.