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Re: Welcome to cypherpunks

>>      Why am I getting this when I am already subscribed to the
>Because someone signed the list up to the list...probably inadvertently.
>They probably sent something to majordomo with a line like:
>subscribe cypherpunks [email protected]
>thinking it actually made sense for some reason...then again they might
>have done it on purpose.

Well, the Welcome message says this:

->If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list,
->you can send mail to "[email protected]" with the following command
->in the body of your email message:
->    unsubscribe cypherpunks [email protected]

So it is but a small leap of logic to remove the 'un' in order to
subscribe, since to my knowlege the Welcome message does not tell you how
to subscribe. A human interface problem?

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