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   10-22-95, NYPaper:

   "When Spies Look Out For the Almighty Buck."

      "The fact of the matter is that the intelligence
      agencies are the center where all this is put together
      -- the economic, the political and the security
      concerns," said Robert B. Zoellick, a former top State
      Department official who handled much of the economic
      portfolio in the Bush Administration. "And perhaps that
      makes sense, because they should have more detachment
      than the individual economic agencies would."

   "Economic Espionage." Editorial

      The C.I.A. has not made a convincing case why it should
      start from almost no base to build a center for economic
      intelligence and analysis when the Government can hire
      outside experts or look to agencies like the Treasury
      Department that already have more knowledgeable staffs.
      William Casey had many faults as Director of Central
      Intelligence in the Reagan Administration. But he did
      know a thing or two about economics. Whenever he wanted
      economic intelligence, Mr. Casey often said, he would
      ask a businessman, not an intelligence analyst.

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