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Re: e-mail, business and privicy

At 3:15 PM 10/27/95, [email protected] wrote:
>An old subject, but could someone please give me a pointer
>to the legalities of reading other peoples mail in the working
>Many thanks,

I doubt many others will offer answers to this one, so I will.

The usual way to get authorization to read the mail of other people is to
be officially deputized as a member of the Citizen's Morality Watch. Your
local law enforcement office, or the FBI, can help you fill out the
paperwork and get you the badge and ID card. (I signed up early, and have
one of the ID cards signed by William Webster.)

Once deputized, you are authorized to read whatever mail you may think a
threat to the public consciousness.

And when GAK arrives, you'll be duly authorized to gain access to escrowed
keys. And to escrowed house keys, escrowed car keys, and escrowed diaries.

This will finally give us the same measure of security that the Soviets had
when babushkas and KGB men read one's mail, and that the Iranians now have
with the Islamic Purity Patrols on the streets of Teheran.

--Klaus! von Future Prime, avatar