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Children's Rooms at Libraries Need Regulation

At 5:18 PM 10/27/95, Jim Ray wrote:

>Humorous sidenote: PRZ said that the Exon <spit!> bill is the
>equivalent of turning the entire Internet into the children's room
>at the public library. I will be getting a videotape of the show in
>about 2 weeks, and if anyone wants me to make them a copy please
>e-mail me (privately!) and I will try to oblige.

Actually, the "children's rooms" at public libraries are next on the list
to be regulated. Many of the books our children are reading feature
_talking animals_ and other examples of animism and pagan beliefs. Some
even have witches and goblins. That our tax dollars are being used to fund
pagan and heathen views is cause for alarm.

Thankfully, out here in California we are shaking off our liberal, heathen,
godless Jew commie system. Los Altos, a prosperous community in Silicon
Valley, recently banned the mention of Halloween in its schools. No
costumes, no heathen imitations, and NO DEVIL WORSHIP!


"Freedom is not the freedom to have wrong beliefs."