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Re: e-mail, business and privicy

> An old subject, but could someone please give me a pointer 
> to the legalities of reading other peoples mail in the working 
> environment.
> Many thanks,	

Unless otherwise notified, I believe you have a right to 
privacy.  Some companies are up front and make you sign a
piece of paper to the effect that when your at work... 

Here at TeleCheck, we had to sign a piece of paper that promised
that we wouldn't read each *other's* mail, after a nasty incident
in which involved an employee and forged mail ardently confessing
is new found homosexuality (boy was be suprised...).  But that
was a long time ago, which predates the notices we had to sign.

The point was clear.  Don't read your supervisor's mail or you will be
terminated (as an employee was). 

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