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PRZ On Mitchells


Hello again cypherpunks:

[I hope this info. isn't already posted, my sincere apologies if it
has. I get the "digest" version of the firehose these days, and
there's a slight delay on my end.] Anyway, 

I'm informed by my brother in Punta Gorda, FL that "Mitchells in the
Morning" -- a conservative/libertarian husband & wife talkshow on
"National Empowerment Television," featured Phil Zimmermann and
Robert Holliman(sp?) President of the "Business Software Alliance"
this morning. Talk was mostly about how stupid software export
controls are, as PRZ was understandably reluctant to discuss details
of the grand jury investigation.

Humorous sidenote: PRZ said that the Exon <spit!> bill is the
equivalent of turning the entire Internet into the children's room
at the public library. I will be getting a videotape of the show in
about 2 weeks, and if anyone wants me to make them a copy please
e-mail me (privately!) and I will try to oblige.

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Regards, Jim Ray

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program when adjusted for inflation (as opposed to a "cut"). --
Tom Ray, my brother.

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