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groupware position available in Boston

I recently got word of an interesting groupware development position
in Boston that someone here may be able to benefit from. feel free
to pass on this info.

(contrary to some here who are not impressed with groupware application
potential, in my estimation groupware is soon going be a key "killer app" 
in cyberspace, perhaps the "next" one after Netscape, driving key 
technological advancement in network & software development...  in my
opinion virtually every significant and valuable aspect of the internet
can be boiled down into a subset of the functions of groupware.)


From: [email protected] (Mike Hren)

We are starting a company called Emergent
Systems and are looking for technical partners to help turn our vision into

We're developing a meta-groupware application that seeks to accelerate the
learning of a workgroup. Called a Discovery Acceleration System, the idea
is to use a text engine to synthesize the collective email dialogue
(voicemail later) of a workgroup into its core concepts (Concept Map) that
can be visualized, hypertext linked to related information sources, and
used as a prioritizer of unsolicited email based on conceptual relevance.
Just as knowledge is born of chaos, this Concept Map emerges from the
workgroup's daily interaction--as opposed to being externally defined by a
static knowledge base.

In a dynamic sense, since the Concept Map is used as a distributed Linker
and Lens between workgroups, it also enables a system of interaction to
emerge at the organizational level.

We are looking for someone with software development experience, and
interest in information retreival, data visualization, groupware, or
messaging systems. Since most of the components of this system are
commercially available, integration is more important than theoretical
development.  Also, a desire to be part of a start-up effort is a must.


If you or anyone you know might be
interested, please email a resume and description of interest.  Thanks for
your time.

Mike Hren
Emergent Systems, Inc.