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Re: Electric Communities (was: COS_sec)

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[email protected] (Douglas Barnes) wrote:
>FWIW, this is the company I work for. Not a bad article; more
>info is available at: http://www.communities.com/. Three of
>the nine people who work here are long-time subscribers to this
>list... I was recruited at a c'punks Bay Area meeting.
>--doug "member of the cryptographic staff" barnes
>>      Electric Communities began work began in 1993 on the
>>      Cyberspace Operating System, or COS, designed to manage
>>      the resources of shared computing -- like security and
>>      bandwidth -- just as operating systems like the
>>      Macintosh OS or Windows 95 manage resources inside a
>>      desktop PC. The team is inventing some technology,
>>      including a programming language (compatible with Sun
>>      Microsystems' new Java language for Internet
>>      applications) and a design concept for software building
>>      blocks which it is in the process of patenting. In
>>      addition, staff cryptographers are weaving encryption
>>      throughout the system to make it absolutely secure and
>>      private.
>>   COS_sec  (6 kb)

Great! Just what we need! java wannabees!

Ripoffs of secondrate, insecure software by thirdrate people!

Hey Dougie, "invented" any viruses lately?