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Re: CJR returned to sender

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>   At 6:35 AM 10/25/95, Timothy C. May wrote:
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>   >(* Hal Abelson of MIT says there are possible export problems with the MIT
>   >Press book on PGP, and MIT dropped plans for a version in a special OCR
>   >font. So, I agree that _some_ books cross the line and look like pure
>   >software. However, I continue to maintain that a badly-printed barcode is
>   >just a joke, nothing more.)
>   Brian LaMacchia sent me e-mail saying the MIT book _was_ published with the
>   OCR font as originally planned. No response to their CJR request, submitted
>   in Jan or Feb.
>[Blatant plug for MIT Press...]
>For reference, the title of the book is "PGP: Source Code and
>Internals", ISBN 0-262-24039-4, hardcover, $60.00.  There are links to
>the MIT Press pages from my keyserver home page
(http://www-swiss.ai.mit.edu/~bal/keyserver.html), or you can go to MIT
>Press's site (http://www-mitpress.mit.edu/) and look under
>Books/Computer Science.  Orders accepted over the net using either HTML
>forms (SSL) or e-mail (PGP).
>MIT Press is also selling "MIT PGP" T-Shirts, but I don't have pricing
>or size information on them yet.  They have the logo from the book cover
>on the front & back.  Front says "Mind your own business," back has a
>copy of MIT Press's PGP public key (in ASCII-armored form).
>					--bal

Its worth 60 buckx because the book has the old version without the
weakness in it. they are probably assuming that people will look at the
book instead of the ftp source code and then get lazy and complie the
code off the ftp instead of typing or scanning the book.