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Conference in Eugene, OR - 11/3 and 11/4


One of the professors at the U of Oregon School of Law here in Eugene,
Keith Aoki, has put together what looks like a pretty good conference.
As far as I can tell, it's going to be something of a sleeper - lots of
good speakers, and probably not very many people in the audience who'll
be able to appreciate what they're seeing. Folks on the west coast 
interested in law and technology policy might do well to pop up to Eugene
for the weekend.

I've got limited floor space for people who need a place to crash and 
don't want to pony up the $ for a place in Eugene. (I'm in Springfield,
the redneck town across I-5 from Eugene - I'm about 15 mins from campus
by car, and can give folks a ride over if they're willing to stay for
the day.) Motel rooms ought to run between $30 and $80 per night in
Eugene, depending on whether or not knife marks on the headboard and the
smell of old cigarettes bothers you. :) 

Eugene is 2 hours (~ 110 miles) south of Portland on I-5 and 8 or 9
hours north of the Bay Area by car, up I-5. There's an airport here, so
it's possible to fly in - some rocket scientist planners put the airport
way north and west of anything interesting in town, though. 

The conference is Friday, November 3, and Saturday, November 4. Speakers
include (in no special order): 

John Perry Barlow
James Boyle
Rosemary Coombe
Steven Winter
Rudy Rucker
Tim Sloan
A. Michael Froomkin
Marc Rotenberg
Lee Tien
Cait Clarke
Gary Glisson
Rex Heinke
Eric Hughes
Matthew Ghourdjian
Benjamin Kaminash
Barry Schrader
Vibeke Sorenson
Dhruv Khann
Jerry Kang
Peter Jaszi
Jessica Litman
David Peterson
Brian Stine
Alfred Yen
Richard Stallman
James Love
Pamela Samuelson
Jerry Berman
Shari Steele
E. Wally Van Valkenburg
Margaret Chon

Folks who want to stay with me (you should be at least dog-tolerant)
or who want help getting picked up at the airport/finding a motel/whatever
are welcome to give me a call (503 744 2713) or send E-mail.

I think there's some charge to get in (not for law students, so I haven't
been especially attentive to it) but Keith said that we can probably waive
that if folks are interested and can't pay. If that sounds like a problem,
send mail, and I'll see if I can get him to issue some Cypherpunk passes.
(The idea is to extract $ from working attorneys without scaring away 
interested non-attorneys.) 

It ought to be quite a conference. By all means, if you can make it, 
come on up (or down). 

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