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Re: New release of CFS Unix encrypting file system available

Matt Blaze enscribed thusly:
> Anonymous writes:
> > >
> > >What happens to hard links?
> > >
> > >mkdir foo bar
> > >CFS_set_directory_key -directory ./foo -key foo-key
> > >CFS_set_directory_key -directory ./bar -key bar-key
> > >cp /etc/passwd ./foo/test1
> > >ln ./foo/footest ./bar/bartest
> > >cmp ./foo/footest ./bar/bartest
> > 
> > This is a serious flaw. The emperor has no clothes. People should
> > sue at&t for this shit.

	"Sue AT&T..."  For free, unsupported software?  In a remark's
from a coward hiding behind an anonymus remailer.  For a problem
that is all in his own mind!

	Give Me A Break!

> I'm not sure why I'm bothering to respond to this, but I'd hate to
> think someone might take the above message seriously and think that
> there's some kind of "serious flaw" in CFS demonstrated by this sequence
> of (hypothetical, incorrect) commands.  So here goes:

	Matt, you're responding to an annonymous twit spouting ignorant
ravings because if you didn't, some others would think this guy had something
significant to say.  It's a sad state of afairs when someone creates a
great package like CFS and then has to deal with an annoyance like this.

> What on earth are you talking about?

	You think he knows?  You give him a lot more credit than I would!

> As I pointed out in a previous message, that's not how CFS works - you
> can't link across encrypted directories.
> There may be (and probably are) bugs in or attacks against CFS, but this
> isn't one of them.

	To quote one of Gary Trudeau's characters from "Doonsburry" -
"Look!  The clothes have no Empereror!"

> -matt

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