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Re: CJR returned to sender

At 10:10 AM 10/27/95 -0400, "Josh M. Osborne" <[email protected]> wrote:
> They may help spread the word about
>how foolish the ITAR is, and that is their only real value (well
>aside from entertainment).

US News & World Report, October 16, 1995, page 28, has a short
article on the shirt in their Washington Whispers column :-)
It's not totally accurate, but it talks about how the Feds oppose
export of "simple but powerful computer programs that can be used
to encrypt electronic communications.  Computer buffs and private
security experts say such restrictions are a threat to privacy -
as well as an absurd anachronism, since the programs are already
widely available.  To underscore the point, one disgruntled citizen
is now offering for sale over the Internet (http://colossus.net/
wepinsto/wshome.html) a T-shirt emblazoned with an encryption program
known as RSA" and a bit more about the shirt and issues
(and Don's refund offer to anyone arrested for wearing it)

>However I think it is a good idea to slowly approch the dividing
>line between exportable and non-exportable.  Wouldn't it be nice
>to be able to hold up the shirt and say "this is exportable", and
>then scan it & save it onto a floppy and then say "this is not"
>(assuming that a floppy of the shirt is denyed CJ) when arguing
>with someone about how arbatary the export laws are?

Obviously the next revision of the shirt should have a pocket for
the optional non-exportable floppy disk :-)
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