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   10-30-95. Wash Rag:

   "Pentagon Plans More Espionage. Business Fronts Abroad
   Would Expand Efforts Of a Unified Service."

      The Defense Department has merged its separate covert
      intelligence operations and plans to expand its
      espionage abroad, starting with establishment of phony
      businesses overseas as cover, and has formed the Defense
      HUMINT (Human Intelligence) Service, or DHS. Under the
      fiscal 1996 intelligence authorization bill, the DHS has
      been given a trial period of three years to carry on
      commercial activities "to provide cover security to
      intelligence collection activities undertaken abroad."
      The authority "to provide bona fide commercial cover,"
      was so that DHS's covert operatives could "withstand
      detailed investigation by hostile foreign intelligence
      services as well as domestic scrutiny."

      ... scandal of the Army's Yellow Fruit op ...

      CIA case officers are working with DHS on the cover
      companies abroad; cooperation is needed because in
      recent years military spies overseas inadvertently had
      set up relations with foreigners known to be double

      Sen. Bob Kerrey called on CIA Director John M. Deutch to
      "develop his human collectors, planning 10 or more years
      in advance for their peak usefulness," a reference to
      placing them abroad under deep cover for use in future

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