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Using Holographic Memory Crystals for Encryption

I have not idea about what Iam about to talk.
This is a midnight rant. Take it as it is.

I just finished reading the article on Holographic Memories on the latest
Scientific America by Demetri Psaltis and Fai Mok. At the end they 
mention that "Given a hologram, either one of the two beams that 
interfered to create it can be used to reconstruct the other. What this 
means, in a holographic memory, is that it is possible not only to orient 
a reference beam into the crystal at a certain angle to select an 
individual holographic page but also to accomplish the reverse. 
Illuminating a crystal with one of the stored images gives rise to an 
approximation of the associated reference beam, reproduced as a plane 
wave emanating from the crystal at the appropriate angle."

	I was thinking this is simply a kind of XOR here given one image 
you can obtain the other. No this convined with the fact that you need
to know the right angle could make for some interesting stuff. You could 
make a system where you give it the initial angle and password which is 
illuminated into the cristal to reveal the encoded data add to this some 
feadback mechanism where the angle changes depending on some function of 
the data and things get interesting.

	Its late and Iam tired. But if anyone has any ideas I woulkd love 
to heard them. Good nite.

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