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Re: Four Horsemen (was Re: PA Remailer Concerns)

Sorry I'm late to the gate on this one, but from what
I have read on the traffic concerning this law (I've been
out of town a good bit lately, so I am playing catch-up)
there's been a few aspects of this odious law that have
been overlooked.

What struck me in a most glaring manner are the constitutional
issues surrounding this law. Specificly, aside from the remailer
aspects of the law, they attempt to enact prior restraint on
the publication of plans for electronic devices & the like.

The aspects of the law that cover publication do not look
as if they can pass constitutional muster. Especaily considering
the supreme court here has recently ruled that it is permissible
to publish unsigned political handbills and the like. Much like
what the output of an anonymous remailer produces after all.

Some of the issues they attempt to address in this law, are
done so poorly, and with such ignorance of legal precedent and
basic constitutional reference that I find it utterly amazing
that the govenor would sign it, and that it would have been
forwarded to him in the form they enacted.

I do not think that the law is capable of surviving any sort of
legal test based on much of what they've inserted. But I guess
that's for the courts to decide.

In any case, considering it's halloween, I would count the
Pensilvania Govenor lucky if Ben Franklin doesn't rise
from his grave and come strangle the bastard in his bed.

As it is, I'm sure old Ben could probably be used as a good
gyroscope with all the spinning in his grave that must be
going on. Pennsilvania the cradle of liberty? Hah, it looks
more like the cradle of repression to me. They sold liberty
and their souls in a devils bargain for an illusory peace of
mind with this one.

Tim Scanlon

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