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Re: InfoWar

David G. Koontz writes:
>>Industry representatives played down the privacy loopholes.
>>Ronald Plesser, a Washington attorney who represents online
>>services and direct marketing firms, said, "I know of no
>>example of anybody trafficking in e-mail descriptions." A
>>spokeswoman for Hughes Electronics Corp.'s DirecTV said, "We
>>do not release names of customers that ordered movies.
>The name of the customer of a video tape rental may be disclosed
>only under narrow constraints (USC 18 Chap 121 2710):

Didn't you read the post?  The whole point was that the constraints
*don't* cover many *new* technology.  Sure, your local video store
can't release the data, but your *cable* company is under no such
constraint with regard to pay-per-view.  Ditto with Hughes DirecTV.