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Re: Digicash on Scientific American

On Tue, 31 Oct 1995, Aleph One wrote:

> Another thing before I go to bed. On the November issue of Scientific 
> American the Essay column writen by Anne Eisenberg is titled "Doing 
> Busioness on the Net". Its short (one page), but metions PK crypto, 
> touches upon the dangers that online transcations pose to privacy, and 
> talks a bit about ecash. Sadly there is no mention of ITAR *sight*

I was impressed with the slant of this essay.  I remember another article
on different forms of digital cash in Popular Science where the author mentions
ecash and the only thing said about it was that it could aid drug-traffickers.
I was glad to see the article in Scientific American that gives the positive
side of ecash.  It did seem from some of the responces to the Popular Science
article that most people disagreed with the author's point of view on 
anonymous digital cash. 

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