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Re: ecash remailer

>> Wouldn't the ability to have the bank prove that the coins were 'cashed'
>> make this all null and void? The only way this would work would be if
>> Charlie is willing to completely forego cashing in the coins, *ever*. Should
>> he cash them in later, Ed would seem to have grounds for suspicion/complain.
>In the scenario I suggested, Charlie never gets coins from anyone. He just
>(falsely) claims that he was supposed to have received some from Alice.

My test copy of the Ecash software logs what coins were spent - wouldn't
something like that constitute evidence that any claim was made? Failing
that, wouldn't Ed be able to tell the bank 'these coins were
misplaced/lost/damaged. please cancel them', and then re-issue any payment due?

*If* Alice really paid Ed, then he would have evidence of such, whether
Charlie's claim is valid or not. With the cash in hand, Ed should reasonably
be able to re-issue them, just as one could put a stop-payment on a check
and re-issue.

Or am I completely missing something here? (always a possibility, I suppose :-)

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