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Re: WHERE did this [NOISE] come from?

At 10:38 PM 9/30/95 GMT, you wrote:
>Attatched to this is, (I hope), the header text from a unsolicited e-mail 
>message I received.  The return address does not work.  WHY? How can I 
>inform the sender that I hope to never receive there material again?
>I tried "reply-all" through Eudora, but my reply got bounced back to me 
>as undeliverable.
>I have removed the content of the original message. I don't know why it 
>was sent to me, but it contained material that I found offensive.
>Any help, or words of wisdom and enlightenment would be appreciated. 
>Information would be nice too.  

Well, at the bottom of the post, it listed contact info at:

>National Alliance can also be reached at:
>WORLD WIDE WEB: http://www.natvan.com (if unavailable, try our ftp site)
>FTP SITE: ftp.netcom.com, path /pub/NA/NA

(I find it funny that they go through the trouble of forging an e-mail
address yet they give ftp and web sites at the end of the page.)

Hopefully that bit of targeting information will be of some use...
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