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IBM enters WWW security market

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> Date: Fri, 29 Sep 1995 14:49:59 GMT
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> Subject: OS/2 NEWS:  New, secure version of WebExplorer
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> Date received:  1995 September 26
> Date posted:    1995 September 29
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> New, secure version of WebExplorer for OS/2 Warp
> ATLANTA, Sept. 27, 1995--The latest additions to IBM's Internet
> Connection software family will enable companies to encrypt
> Internet transactions and better protect internal networks with
> firewall software as they explore new business opportunities on
> the Information Superhighway.
> Today's announcements include:
>     * A new secure version of the Web Explorer for OS/2 Warp
>     * The IBM Internet Connection Secure Server for OS/2 Warp
>     * The Internet Connection Secure Server for AIX
>     * An enhanced version of the Internet Connection Secured
>       Network Gateway
>     * an enhanced version of the Internet Connection for OS/2
>       Warp
>     * an enhanced version of the Internet Connection for Windows
> "Businesses of all kinds are considering the immense opportunity
> the Internet offers but are reluctant to take the plunge until
> they feel they can do so in a planned, secure manner.  The
> Internet Connection family provides our customers with that
> reassurance, freeing them to explore a whole new world of
> possibilities," said Lois Dimpfel, vice president, Networking
> Software Products, IBM Networking Software Division.
> The Internet is evolving as a means for conducting electronic
> commerce, and the new IBM secure servers and OS/2 Warp client are
> superbly positioned to meet customer security needs.  The IBM
> Internet Connection servers and client support both of the
> emerging security technologies -- Secure Hypertext Transfer
> Protocol (S-HTTP) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) -- to provide
> customers with maximum flexibility.
> New OS/2 Warp client and secure servers
> The new version of the Internet Connection for OS/2 Warp, the
> first Internet client to be included at no charge in an operating
> system, adds security support to an Internet application suite
> that has won generous praise in its first year of availability.
> OS/2 Magazine recently chose the Internet Connection for OS/2
> Warp as a winner in its editors' choice awards.
> The Internet Connection family of client software was also
> enhanced last week.  The Internet Connection for OS/2 Warp,
> provided at no charge as part of the Warp bonus pack, now
> includes table support, streaming graphics, an integrated news
> function and other enhancements through HyperText Markup Language
> (HTML) 3.0 extensions.  These enhancements will also be available
> in the secure version being announced today.
> The InternetConnection for Windows was enhanced with improved
> performance, additional graphic viewers, audio players and other
> features.
> IBM's new web server software provides unmatched scalability for
> customers.  The OS/2 Warp version can run on cost-effective
> desktop systems sold in retail outlets, while the AIX version
> runs on highly-scalable RISC System/6000 platforms.
> Both the IBM Internet Connection Secure Server for OS/2 Warp and
> the Internet Connection Secure Server for AIX were designed to be
> quickly and easily configured using any industry-standard
> browser.  The installation and configuration is menu-based and
> includes online help designed to assist an administrator with
> making the correct choice.
> The new Internet Connection secure servers and clients allow
> businesses and their customers to conduct transactions over the
> 'Net knowing that the data is protected.  For example, an auto
> parts supplier might create a secure web server containing its
> catalog, including high-quality images of the items, on the web
> along with the ability to place an order.  A customer would use
> the Internet Connection secure client -- or an S-HTTP- or
> SSL-compliant client from another vendor -- to browse the
> online catalog, order a part and pay for it with an encrypted
> credit card number.
> Enhanced secured network gateway
> A new version of IBM's Secured Network Gateway, a software
> product generally known as an Internet "firewall," today joins
> the Internet Connection product family.  Formerly part of the
> NetSP product family, the Secured Network Gateway operates on an
> AIX platform to protect a corporation's internal enterprise
> network resources from Internet intruders, while allowing
> legitimate traffic to flow through the firewall.
> The Internet Connection Secured Network Gateway offers a number of
> advanced features, including: proxy server, SOCKS servers, filters and
> domain name service.
> Among several features added to the new version is support for
> AIX version 4.13, in addition to AIX version 3.25.  The new
> operating system support offers customers the option to run the
> Secured Network Gateway on PowerPC hardware.
> Another key feature of the new version is data encryption.  Data
> can safely flow between two firewalls across a public network.
> The firewall encrypts IP data packets, creating a private "IP
> tunnel" from one secure internal network to another.
> The new secure IP tunnels could be used for a company with the
> Secured Network Gateway installed at its various sites to safely
> and confidently transmit sensitive financial data from a branch
> office over the Internet to corporate headquarters.  Customers
> could also use the new feature to securely administer a firewall
> from a remote location.
> Internet Connection directions
> Just as the Internet itself continues to expand phenomenally, the
> Internet Connection family, now consisting of seven generally
> available products, will also grow.  Current product plans call
> for additional web clients on a number of platforms, and web
> server software for OS/400, MVS and selected non-IBM systems.
> "We don't intend to just keep pace with the market; we intend to
> be the pacesetter," said IBM's Dimpfel.  "IBM has worldwide reach
> and strengths like no other company.  The IBM Global Network,
> robust software products, IBM services and gateway software to
> link with existing business systems using DB2 and CICS--all this
> means customers don't have to deal with patching together
> solutions from a collection of vendors."
> The Internet Connection product family is a component of IBM's
> imperative to provide people and organizations with
> network-centric computing, a new model that combines networking
> software, network services and computing devices to facilitate
> computing anywhere, anytime.
> IBM, the world's largest software provider, creates, develops and
> manufactures the industry's most advanced information technologies,
> including networking systems, software, computing systems, storage
> devices and microelectronics.
> Pricing and availability
> The secure server software for OS/2 Warp is $2,999 for the first
> license with additional licenses available for $2,699 each.  The
> AIX secure server software is $4,999 for the first license and
> $4,499 for an additional license.  The Internet Connection Secured
> Network Gateway is priced at $9,999 for the first license, with
> additional licenses available for $8,999.
> The new secure WebExplorer for OS/2 Warp is $35 per copy and
> pricing on the enhanced IBM Internet Connection for Windows has
> been reduced to $59.
> Both secure servers and the secure Web Explorer for OS/2 Warp
> will be generally available in December of this year.  The new
> version of the Secured Network Gateway will be available in
> October.
> IBM, OS/2, AIX, CICS, DB2 and RISC System/6000 are trademarks of IBM.
> Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.

Jeff Simmons                           [email protected]