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I am the anti-Ch<fnord>

I got some email responses to my SAIC info.  Here's a little more fun on
a Sunday evening.  All the statements below are true.

Among the first two (possibly the very first two) MX records for not-connected
sites desiring Internet-style names were:  att.com and mirror.tmc.com.
That is, the phone company, and a small subsidiary of the Times-Mirror
corporation.  It was from mirror that mod.sources/comp.sources.unix was
moderated -- for many years, the only source of free software available
to Usenet.

Seismo was the forwarder for both ATT and TMC (via special-case lines in
Rick's sendmail.cf file).  ATT, through ihnp4 in Chicago (site of the
Democratic convention), vied with seismo for the we'll-call-anyone philosophy
that a few sugar daddies (er, backbone) sites had that kept uucp Email
and Usenet running back then.  Under the auspices of the curiously-named
"Network Action Central" many ATT sites did dialup UUCP to mirror on a
daily basis, ostensibly to pick up mod.sources.

I was the administrator of mirror.tmc.com; the tmc.com domain "conflicted"
with tmc.edu, the Texas Medical Center.  The NIC back then asked me to
ask tmc.edu to "reconsider."  Do you know where their book depository

Rick started Alternet, now "Shared" with Microsoft.  Unlike Sprint and
MCI, ATT "curiously" decided to *not* become a network service provider,
but instead allied with BBN and sells their technology, equipment and
services.  I worked at BBN for five years, in the same department that
became BBNPlanet, the global ISP and ATT's partner.  I also wrote INN,
which now handles essentially all the Usenet traffic in the world.

So who cares about the latest media mega-deal of Eisner or Time-Warner-Turner?
We already control the Internet media; the Web is merely~~~~#@