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Re: Europe

At 6:45 PM 10/1/95, Mats Bergstrom wrote:
>Perry M. wrote:
>> I was wondering if the Europeans had an equivalent of EPIC or EFF
>> lobbying against crypto restrictions there, given the disturbing news
>> a week or so ago.

There are a few groups in Europe (Privacy International is based in UK,
Argedaten in Austria, CLI in Spain, misc EF-X) but none of them are as
organized as their US counterparts. However, there are also Privacy
Commissions in every country who are also friends to the battle. There was
quite a bit of discussion at their last meeting in Copenhagen last month on
crypto and the Denmark and Ontario, CA Privacy Commissions just came out
with a joint report on crpyto that we are working on scanning in and making
available on our web page.


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