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Re: WHERE did this come from?

At 18:38 9/30/95, [email protected] wrote:
>Attatched to this is, (I hope), the header text from a unsolicited e-mail
>message I received.  The return address does not work.  WHY? How can I
>inform the sender that I hope to never receive there material again?
>I tried "reply-all" through Eudora, but my reply got bounced back to me
>as undeliverable.
>I have removed the content of the original message. I don't know why it
>was sent to me, but it contained material that I found offensive.
>Any help, or words of wisdom and enlightenment would be appreciated.
>Information would be nice too.

This is a KNOWN SPAM (it is currently being talked about in the Net-SPAM
Usenet Newsgroup). It has been coming from 3 sites (one in Italy, one in
France, and one in Germany). The national Police in all 3 countries (as
well as the FBI) are apparently investigating it. To track the situation
monitor this Web Page (Which should be Globally Accessible):