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Re: Restrictions on Munitions _Imports_

Timothy C. May writes:

: I don't expect that any specific _crypto_ import licenses exist, but
: certainly various kinds of _munitions_ import licenses exist (improperly,
: in my opinion, of course).
. . . . 
: Given that crypto is classified as "munitions" for the purpose of export
: control (including the ITARs), it would not surprise me in the least if the
: same sorts of restrictions on imports of the aforementioned munitions are
: not applied to at least some crypto imports. If not now, soon. (Given that
: many folks are talking about a strategy that has been apparent for many
: years: develop core crypto in less hostile environments than the U.S.)
: I can't cite a specific law affecting crypto imports at this time--and I
: doubt any crypto products have been affected so far--but clearly there are
: restricitions on imports of ammunition, guns, missiles, jet fighters,
: and--maybe soon--on "crypto munitions."

There is a United States Munitions List for imports that is
administered by the Treasury Department, but cryptographic devices and
software are not included on that list.

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