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re: `NOISE' what crypto is that ? [was Re: NT and C2]

>Weld Pond writes:
> > http://www.iquest.net/cgi-bin/gate2?|mmMgT008://bbb.PHDx10.ix0/ibLD1P7=
> > 
>What kind of (en)coding is that ? some kind of rot13++ ?

I know it looks funny but that is the actual URL.  I think it is some kind
of verity search engine they use at IQuest.  To get it to work I had to
paste in the 4 lines individually into Netscape because the URL edit
windows doesn't seem to do linefeeds. 

It's getting pretty bad when you feel like you should uuencode the URL so 
that people get it straight.  Here is the URL again:


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