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Re: Netscape finally issuing md5sums/pgp signed binaries ? (was Re: NetScape's dependence upon RSA down for the count!)

On Oct 3,  6:19pm, Laurent Demailly wrote:
> Subject: Re: Netscape finally issuing md5sums/pgp signed binaries ? (was R
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>   Encoded with "quoted-printable" ] :
Jeff Weinstein writes:
>  > In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] 
(Laurent Demailly) writes:
>  > > I asked monthes ago netscape folks to make md5sum and/or PGP digital
>  > > signatures (preferably md5sum of each files, this in a file, itself
>  > > pgp signed) of the binaries available on their page and on relevant 
>  > > newsgroup to reduce possibility of tempering.
> [...]
>  >   I've been thinking about this recently for obvious reasons.  My concern
>  > is that if someone can attack your download of netscape, they could also
>  > attack your download of the program that validates netscape.  Is there
>  > really any way out of this one?
> I have *already* downloaded, checked,... pgp years ago, and I did
> multiplatforms cross tests,... so all I need is a pgp signed stuff
> (obviously i need your (netscape's) pgp public key too, but I think
> that a "massive" distribution, that is : mail on a couple of mailing
> lists, your site, newsgroup, eventually adding fingerprint by phone
> for the paranoid, would ensure that your key is indeed your key (it
> can probably take few weeks before it's "sure" (you'll get feedback if
> key have been tempered somehow) 
> Or easiest even manage that your key is signed by some well known folk
> (PhilZ,...))
> See my point ?

  Yes, I get the idea about spewing the signed hashes everywhere.  The
problem I have is with the user of PGP.  That will help cypherpunks,
but does absolutely nothing for most of our millions of users, who
have no idea what PGP is.  Perhaps its enough to assume that if anyone
is tampering with the distribution, some cypherpunk will stumble across


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