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Re: `Hack Microsoft' challenge is NYT Computer News Daily's top story

>> I don't know about everyone else, but a T-shirt seems a very 
>> small reward for uncovering a "hole" in the encryption 
>> algorithm of Microsoft products.  
>I don't know about anyone else, but helping to protect the confidential data 
>of millions of users around the world seems a very large reward for
>uncovering a hole in the encryption algorithms of M$ products.

My reward would be the satisfaction of showing M$ code to be the substandard,
elitist, money grubbing and dictatorial junk it is. The size of their payroll
should not be the reason they want to be able to dictate what programs Joe
Deskset runs on the internet.

I can see the progression where their CC transportation software is coupled
with a Registration Wizard to automatically purchase any software on your HD
that they have no record of you purchasing... "just in case and as a service
on your behalf".

The above opinions are rumoured to be my own.