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   Jared Sandberg writes in The WSJ on a new Internet payment
   system by MasterCard, IBM, Netscape, CyberCash and GTE.
   Says the specs were published yesterday.

   Another WSJ report is on Lockheed Martin's proposal for a
   new communications satellite system.

   John Markoff writes in The NYT on AT&T's proposed new 12-
   satellites system. $ for Qualcomm.

   Another NYT piece is about "naysayers" of satellite

   And, Financial Times has a bountiful insert on Information
   Technology, with a lead story on Internet security, black-
   hearted hacking and, to the rescue, princely encryption and
   authentication. Or is the blanco prince a negro hacker?

   All these bleating for mana at Telecom 95 manana in gelt-
   berotten Geneva.