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Re: New Netscape bug (in version 1.12)

> How do I decide what is too long?  For example, when tracking down buffer
> overflow problems for the security patch, we found an undocumented
> static buffer limit of 64 bytes for the hostname passed to gethostbyname()
> on IRIX.  Before we stumbled across this problem, we had a discussion
> about what length we should truncate host names to.  People thought
> that 128 characters was a reasonable limit, but it turned out that it
> was too long.

	Isn't there a resolver #define or something in limits.h called
MAXHOSTNAMELEN ? Something like that? (Perhaps not, but that's what I

> latent bugs.  We are also beefing up our QA to try to find more
> of these types of bugs.

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