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Re: Serious Windows TCP/IP Security Hole

I'm forwarding you a couple messages. I haven't run SAMBA myself, but 
people who have have been able to read files on my machine that aren't 
supposed to be shared.


On Wed, 4 Oct 1995, Henry Sanders (Exchange) wrote:

> Hi, I've jumped in late on this thread. What is the bug referred to in the note below? I might be able to give you current status on it.
> Thanks,
> Henry Sanders
> [email protected]
> >In article <[email protected]>, [email protected]
> says...
> >>
> >>FYI for those of you still running WFW. Could anybody confirm or deny
> >>that Microsoft has patched this hole in the shipping version of 95?
> >>As with most such serious "oopsies," Microsoft has not made any
> >>information on this issue available in their Knowledge Base.
> >
> >Nope, it is still there.
> Can you demonstrate that this is true? I'll give you an account on my box.
> I've received several notes and flames that the problem either never
> existed (which I know is untrue) or was fixed at a specified (often
> specified different) patch level.
> I should really try this myself, but I don't have time, and the only UNIX
> box I can really mess with is my Linux box, which is also my Win95 box.