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Re: New Windoze PGP Shell (freeware) worth checking out

On Wed, 4 Oct 1995, Karl A Siil wrote:

> OK, I'll bite. Where do I get it? Where did you get your info? Do you have a 
> copy?

> From: internet!powergrid.electriciti.com!adam (Adam Philipp)
> Subject: New Windoze PGP Shell (freeware)  worth checking out

> AEgis Research (who I know nothing about) has come out with a very pleasant
> windows fron end for PGP. It is bone-head compliant, and even works well in
> Win95. I'm only plugging because I was so impressed. Until Eudora has PGP
> hooks, this is my shell of choice.

I saw it on alt.security.pgp

it's at <http://iquest.com/~aegisrc>

It is pretty nice

The url to download isn't on the home-page though, but it's only one 
level down... just snoop about a bit.


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