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Re: New Netscape bug (in version 1.12)

Ray Cromwell wrote:
>   I agree with a lot of what you say Jeff. What I would do is set the string
> limits to be whatever the specs allow. For instance, in the case of
> domain names, the limit is supposed to be 256. In a mailto: just what
> is the limit of an RFC822 valid e-mail address?

  Yes, we couldn't get to this type of stuff in the 1.12 patch.  We will be
doing this sort of stuff in 2.0.

>   I will say that Netscape is a very robust program. I have created documents
> with 10,000 nested <UL> lists, and the program didn't dump. I have
> created forms with 10,000 selection widgets with overlong labels and variable
> names and it handled them (didn't diusplay them very well) However, I am
> a little weary of netscape allowing lists and forms having 10,000
> levels. For one thing, although the 10,000 nested lists didn't crash
> netscape, they did use up all the swap space on my computer except for
> 300k. A 10K byte document was able to exhaust 32megs of ram.

  On unix you can use the csh(1) limit builtin to limit the size
of your netscape process.  As I understand it, the Mac also has
such a thing.  I'm not sure about windows.  Maybe we should put
a preference in Netscape for how much heap memory to use...


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