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New version of my privacy enhanced www proxy is out

I've thrown into the tclbin-0.6b1.tgz (ftp hplyot.obspm.fr/tcl)
MD5 checksums/digest support, improved server home page 
at http://hplyot.obspm.fr:6661/  that shows your headers,
ongoing support for POST method, online admin config, passwd...

The proxy now issue  "Content-Checksums: md5=xxxxxx"
headers for its stuff, I 'invented' that  syntax, any www guru to tell
me if it already exists under another form ? (i checked the
http docs at w3.org, found nothing)

I'm still waiting for comments and people to use it and start a

Laurent Demailly * http://hplyot.obspm.fr/~dl/ * Linux|PGP|Gnu|Tcl|...  Freedom
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