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Re: NSA Realists v. Nuts (Was: Re: Crypto APIs)

Matt Blaze writes:
> > > It seems best to encourage the realistic side of NSA as much as
> > > possible...

James Donald writes:
> > Why? Surely the realists are more dangerous than the nuts.

At 03:57 AM 10/5/95 -0400, Futplex wrote:
> (I'm assuming that a Realistic Agenda has at least as good a chance 
> of success as a Nutty Agenda. [...] )

Language problem:

If that is the case, then the "Nutty Agenda" is perfectly sane.  They 
want to rule over us.  There is nothing crazy about that. Evil yes.  
Crazy no.  Their objective is to create a surveillance state, where 
all actions are known and recorded by the state, in order to 
facilitate detailed state control over every aspect of our lives.  Our 
agenda is the opposite.  There is no commonality of purpose, hence no 
possibility of cooperation.   
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