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Re: FORGED CANCELS of posts on n.a.n-a.m

>  One thing that occurs to me: suppose I go to control, collect cancel
>  messages, and build myself a collection of M1's that will work with
>  a given M2?
>  That is, I can't actually invert the hashing function. But if a
>  given hash function is standard, then I can eventually build up a
>  collection of M1s for M2s that will let me cancel quite a few things
>  I may want to.  How many cancel messages come through in a day?

You would have to collect quite a few cancels just to get one pair of valid  
hashes for a message you want to cancel...  You don't even need to collect  
cancels from control; you could just start hashing 128-bit strings until you  
got one that hashed to M2.  The catch is you would have to hash on the order  
of 2^64 strings for MD5, for instance.  That's a lot of hashing to cancel one  
article...  It's likely going to be much less work to try to guess the  
passphrase used to generate M1.  There is also a better than average chance  
that the target used the same passphrase to lock multiple posts...