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Oct 14 mtg - focus on java

Hi -

The Oct 14 cypherpunks meeting will be focussing on Java topics. 
I'm putting together an agenda, and finalizing the meeting location. 

It looks like we'll have someone from the Java group at Sun to talk about
what the current Java security policy is, and about Java and HotJava
security mechanisms. 

Doug Barnes and Amanda Chou will talk about JCrypt, which is a set
of Java wrappers for existing C encryption routines.  

If you'd like to talk at the Oct 14 meeting, please send me email with a 
description of your project, and I'll schedule you in.   

I'll send out mail early next week with the agenda, and letting you know
where the meeting will be held.    I'm trying to get a large conference
room at one of the Sun facilities. 

[email protected] 
[email protected]