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Re: Comments on STT Spec Implementation Details

Responding to msg by [email protected]:


>The belief that companies can make more money by 
>following proprietary  solutions and imposing them on 
>the world as standards is falling  away. It is in 
>Microsoft's interest that the standard that is adopted  
>for commerce be open, publically discussed at length, 
>and brutally  critiqued. Losing a bit of control in 
>exchange for actually getting  something that works out 
>for you and your customers is in your interest.

The spew through the proprietary dike on this is
swelling: MasterCard's consortium yesterday and the
NetManage/Cylink today both emphasize public availability
of specs in counter-response to the flaws helpfully
discovered in Netscape by the ever public spirited

Whether any of these vaunted "superior" systems respond
to attacks as constructively as Netscape will be the

BTW, has anyone reviewed the promised MasterCard specs
supposedly released on Tuesday?