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Re: FORGED CANCELS of posts on n.a.n-a.m

On Wed, 04 Oct 95 10:47:30 EDT, Dr. Dimitri Vulis ([email protected]) wrote:
:[alt.religion.scientology restored, since that's where most of the discussion
:of forged cancels has been taking place so far ]

[snip snip snip]

:When an article is posted, two quantities are computed by the posting program:
:M1 = H(article body + newsgroups + message-id + date + passphrase) and
:M2 = H(M1). The posted article contains the header "Cancel-lock: M2".
:When an attempt is made to cancel/supersede an article X with a "Cancel-lock:"
:header, the user is asked to supply the passphrase. The posting software
:computes M1 = H(X's body + newsgroups + X's message-id + date + passphrase)
:once again and adds the "Cancel-key: M1" header to the article containing
:"Control: cancel <X>" or "Supersedes: <X>" that's being posted.
:(Note that without knowing the passphrase it's intractable to match the M1.)
:Whenever news server software (such as inn) detects either "Control: cancel
:<X>" or "Supersedes: <X>", INN should retrieve the original article <X> and
:looks for the "Cancel-lock: M2" header. If one is found, then the old article
:may be cancelled only if the new article contains the header "Cancel-key: M1"
:such that H(M1) = M2.

One thing that occurs to me: suppose I go to control, collect cancel messages,
and build myself a collection of M1's that will work with a given M2?

That is, I can't actually invert the hashing function. But if a given
hash function is standard, then I can eventually build up a collection of
M1s for M2s that will let me cancel quite a few things I may want to.
How many cancel messages come through in a day?

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