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Re:Trust company banks on Internet

Robert Hettinga forwards:

>First Internet Banker  ??  !!
>Check out
>>From the Toronto Globe and Mail page B 1
>       Fri 6 Oct 95
>"Bayshore set to become first Internet banker  -
>Trust promises approval in as little as two minutes"

This is fairly common. A certain Internet Consultant in this
area claimed to have solved "the problem of banking on the
Internet". Of course, a large green bank paid him a lot of
money to say it, but there you are. I closed my account
with that large green bank because of this appalling turn of

I should tell everyone here and now that I also intend to
become the first Internet bank. I would also like to announce
my upcoming trip to the moons of Mars, where I intend to pick
collards in the name of Abbie Hoffman.

What an extended crock of shit we can hope to expect...


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