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Re: subjective names and MITM

[email protected] writes:
 > [email protected] (Mike McNally) writes:
 > >[email protected] writes:
 > > > There is a difference between a MITM and the case you describe ...
 > >Seems to me that the idea of "communicating with the person you think
 > >you are" is intractably difficult if you're not sitting in the same
 > >room. ...
 > I can certainly agree with the attractive simplicity of this notion.  My
 > point is that it is practically useless. ...

Oddly enough, it seems to me that Hal (if that really *is* his name)
and I (and Carl & others) are saying basically the same things, but
drawing completely different conclusions.  Strange.  I'm willing to
wait to see what the peer review process concludes.

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