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National Secuirty Science and Technology Strategy

This excerpt is from the summary of a long policy
statement on the National Security Science and Technology
Strategy published by the White House on September 19.
The full report is well worth reading -- it addresses
military, economic, intelligence, scientific and
technological issues and lays out projected initiatives.

Has anyone seen news reports on this? 


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                   Executive Summary


In March 1995, President Clinton ordered a sweeping
reexamination of the United States Government's approach
to putting science and technology to the service of
national security and global stability in light of the
changed security environment, increasing global economic
competition, and growing budgetary pressures.

This National Security Science and Technology Strategy,
the product of that reexamination, is the country's first
comprehensive Presidential statement of national security
science and technology priorities.

It augments the President's National Security Strategy of
Engagement and Enlargement by articulating science and
technology policies and initiatives that support the
President's three primary national security objectives:
enhancing our military readiness and capabilities,
preventing conflict from occurring through engagement
with other nations, and promoting prosperity at home. It
advances that document's central approach of preventing
conflict and maintaining the capability to respond should
conflict occur.

It is built on the recognition that our security depends
on economic strength as well as military power. And it is
grounded in the conviction that investment in science and
technology is central to our ability to meet the
challenges ahead.

This National Security Science and Technology Strategy
defines our new approaches to applying science and
technology to the challenges that most directly affect
our nation's security.

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