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   10-8-95. NYPaper:

   "Got Killer Chips on Our Minds." (Film review)

      Why are computers so often portrayed as turning truth
      into lies and making our brains go haywire? Are we
      frightened? Do audiences love their computers? Probably
      not, movies say. Hal's evil-spirited descendants are all
      around us, threatening to take over intelligence,
      emotions, Social Security numbers and every other little
      thing that makes us civilized. All this tends to put a
      damper on the idea that we are a nation eager to embrace
      a wonderful new technology. While it makes sense that
      film makers would pounce on a flourishing, quickly
      growing, subject like computers, it doesn't necessarily
      follow that all those computers would be so destructive.
      But there are no movies right now in which a nice
      friendly computer wears tennis shoes and does something
      heroic. Instead, films are suggesting that we are a
      nation of secret technophobes, distrustful of a
      technology hurtling toward us faster than we can cry
      "Stop!" or run to the store for another self-deprecating
      book like "Windows '95 for Dummies" or "The Complete
      Idiot's Guide to Windows '95" (both actual titles).

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