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Re: Kerserver keyrings

Because this problem is occurring more and more often (and only from people
on Cypherpunks), I'm cc'ing the list in general this time... please adjust
your mailers if possible:

At 12:41 1995.10.07 -0500, Jim Grubs (W8GRT) wrote:
>-- [ From: Jim Grubs (W8GRT) * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
> Attachment: mailsig Code: 0006727      \ Created: 10-03-95, 07:16 PM [1 Kb]
>Someone at Uni-Hamburg must have seen my message and said, "Oops, who turned
>that off?" Anyway, their keyring was upated today. It's 6.4 megs!!!! (My
>first HD was only 10.)
>Attachment Converted: E:\WINAPPS\INTERNET\EUDORA\mailsig

Your .sig comes through as an attachment (for Eudora users).  Could you
please fix this?  Thanks.


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