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Re: Netscape 2.0 beta

Raph Levien wrote:

>* To send mail, Netscape apparently connects to the SMTP server
>  running on localhost. I haven't confirmed this. Thus, I don't
>  see any way to integrate Netscape and premail :-(. Guess I'll
>  just have to wait for Netscape script (from what I've seen so
>  far, it's not possible in pure Java).

You have to set this in the preferences dialog. The default
is localhost, assuming that your UNIX box is set up correctly
to send mail. I don't know about you guys, but my mailhost is
called 'mailhost'.

One thing that I found with the newsreader was that it doesn't
do POP correctly. No matter what you do with your mail, it still
doesn't check for read vs. unread articles. This is fine when you
have a mailbox with one message. It can be annoying when you have
110 messages in your mailbox and don't want to 1) delete them or
2) download them twice.

Not that I'm complaining. I'm still gigling from the introduction
of frames and client-side imagemaps (which also don't work on the
Solaris 2.4 version, running on Solaris 2.5beta/CDE)...


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