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Announcing a New Offshore Financial Service (fwd)

                          SANDY SANDFORT
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The ideas ARE getting out there.  I don't think I'll be availing
myself of the following services, but am forwarding this FYI.

 S a n d y

Offshore Assets Reconciliation Limited
55 Frederick Street 
P.O. Box CB13039 
Nassau, Bahamas 
email:  [email protected] 
phone: (809) 356-2093 
fax: (809) 356-2095.

Ž OAR is dedicated to providing financial privacy and the processing of
global financial transactions. OAR will provide for your secured online
financial transactions. Your financial transactions, instructions and data
are safe from prying eyes. OAR precludes having your private email read by
hackers and snoopers on the Internet.

Ž OAR is a pioneer in using the quality encryption technique, Pretty Good
Privacy (PGP)[tm], for the receipt of instructions and for providing
confirmation of transactions and status reports to our clients.  PGP is one
of the most popular worldwide encryption techniques and has not been
breached to our knowledge. Other systems (Netxxxx) have, on two occasions,
once in France and again in California, by student hackers.

Ž Using the Internet, OAR can accept PGP instructions from our clients and
to act upon them worldwide.  OAR is situated in Nassau, centrally located
for operating in the Caribbean and Central American but is also equipped to
function in over 20 international financial centres (Isle of Man, Bermuda,
Cook Islands, Vanuatu, etc.).

Ž We can execute you financial transactions, move cash from bank to bank,
from brokerage accounts to bank, attorney, escrow account, etc. You instruct
us by PGP as to what you need accomplished. We can also provide for pass
phrases in addition to PGP which some find absolutely crucial when handling
financial transactions on line.

Ž OAR is bonded.

Ž “If you need to send an international email message containing
confidential and sensitive financial information, use OAR.” 

Schedule of fees:
1. Basic set-up charge of US$500.00, non-refundable.
2. Annual renewal fee of US$250.00, per year.
3. Transaction fee, US$50.00 per transaction, plus actual costs (wire
transfer fee, FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.).  To be charged against your credit
balance which must be advanced, minimum of $100.
4. Optional mail fowarding service.  We will accept your international mail
and re-mail it with a U.S. postmark from locations in the U.S. US$240/year.
We will repackage you mail and pay for new postage.

Client’s Name: 	______________________________________________

Mailing Address: 	______________________________________________


Telephone:		__________ ___________ ________________________

Fax:	_______________________ ___________________ _________________

Email:	___________________________ or ______________________________

Optional Passphrase, to be included in any message to us and if not
contained therein, we are authorised to ignore your instruction:

__________ None

Passphrase: ____________________________________________________________


NOTE: If no passphrase is specified above, then we then will asssume that
none is required by you.

PGP Public Key. Provide it on a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk (IBM format, only)
with your application or email the public key to the above email address.

Further terms:
1. Client understands that OAR will use selected banks of their choosing to
assist in your financial transactions. Any fees charged by said banks will
be charged to the client’s advanced account balance. No interest will be
earned by you during the transit of your funds nor on you credit balance for
future costs.
2. OAR has the right to terminate your account where in their exclusive
discretion they do not believe that they can serve the client. Upon our
termination of an account, OAR will forward the account balance to the
client per the client’s instructions.
3. Disclaimer: OAR accounts may not be utilised for money laundering,
criminal activities, racketeering, as defined in any country in which the
transactions are being effected, nor for any fraudulent purposes. Discovery
of this conduct by OAR will be a basis for immediate termination of the account.

Date: ___________________________	______________________________
						Client’s Signature