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Crypto's Role in Evil? HUG_kid

   10-9-95. NYPaper:

   "The Greening of U.S. Diplomacy: Focus on Ecology."

      A new concern over the long-term causes of wars and
      disasters of the environment are the issues deemed
      urgent today by American foreign policy makers in much
      the same manner as military threats like new
      surface-to-air missile sites alarmed policy makers
      several decades ago. So in addition to their traditional
      intelligence gathering -- arms, nuclear weapons
      programs, expansion of foreign armies -- American policy
      makers are looking more than ever before at natural
      phenomena in their search for the deeper roots of war
      and threats to global security.

      "During the cold war, most security threats stemmed from
      state-to-state aggression, so most of the analysis was
      of factors that could produce state-to-state
      aggression," said James Steinberg, the State
      Department's director of policy planning. "Now we're
      focusing more on internal factors that can destabilize
      governments and lead to civil wars and ethnic strife.
      Now we're paying much more attention to early warning
      factors, like famine and the environment."

      Angelo Codevilla, an intelligence expert who teaches at
      Boston University, said this new approach is misguided.
      "All this soft stuff is a silly idea," he said.

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