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PC wipe utilities

"Perry E. Metzger" <[email protected]> asks:

>I thought I'd ask here, since its related to a lot of the stuff
>people have written for the PC platform in these parts. I need to
>securely wipe a bunch of data from an MS-DOS hard drive, so that
>it can't be recovered. Are there any readily available utilities
>for this? Will any of them selectively erase only data that isn't
>allocated to existing files?


Alan Penny's  excellent freeware utility wipe.zip has been
uuencoded and sent to you. I believe it fulfills your requirements.

 As recently as the last issue of WIRED an article by a data
recovery company claimed they could recover data that had been
overwritten nine times...... make it a bakers dozen to be safe.

Brian D Williams