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Announcement: Alert Mailing List

Announcing a new security mailing list - The Alert.

The Alert will be covering the following topics:

	- Security Product Announcements
	- Updates to Security Products
	- New Vulnerabilities found
	- New Security Frequently Asked Question files.
        - New Intruder Techniques and Awareness

To join, send e-mail to [email protected] and, in the text of your message
(not the subject line), write:

        subscribe alert

To remove, send e-mail to [email protected] and, in the text of your message
(not the subject line), write:

        unsubscribe alert

This is a moderated list in the effort to keep the noise to a minimal and
provide quality security information.

If your site is interested in network security, we put out several
FAQes (Frequently Asked Question) that cover the following main areas
of topic:

	Vendor Contacts
	  - Who is the security contacts at IBM, HP, Dec, Motorola, etc.
	  - Web page at:  http://iss.net/iss/vendor.html

	  - List of all security related patches catergorized by OS type.
	  - Web page at: http://iss.net/iss/patch.html

	  - Check list of things to do if your machines are compromised.
	  - Web page at: http://iss.net/iss/compromise.html

	Anonymous FTP Security
	  - How to correctly set up FTP and check for vulnerabilities.
	  - Web page at: http://iss.net/iss/anonftp.html

	  - What they are. How they work. How to detect them. And solutions.
	  - Web page: http://iss.net/iss/sniff.html

	Security Mailing Lists
	  - A comprehensive list of security mailing lists.
	  - Web page: http://iss.net/iss/maillist.html

If possible, it might be a good idea for you to add links to the above
web pages on your own Web server and point people who need to know
some of the network security issues to the web page.  It is
possible to point to all of the FAQ pages at:


Christopher William Klaus	     Voice: (770)441-2531. Fax: (770)441-2431
Internet Security Systems, Inc.            "Internet Scanner lets you find
2000 Miller Court West, Norcross, GA 30071   your network security holes 
Web: http://iss.net/  Email: [email protected]   before the hackers do."